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Introducing Cabinet AP, a new module for Cabinet SAFE designed to automate manual processes in document-intensive tasks like accounts payable processing.


The problems inherent to traditional methods of dealing with accounts payable and similar processes are well known. Manual data entry and filing is expensive and inaccurate. Approval processes are hard to control. Retrieving specific documents is difficult. And paper, filing cabinets and floorspace aren’t cheap.

Cabinet AP – Automate accounts payable and other document-intensive processes

Fortunately, there’s Cabinet AP – an advanced processing solution designed to help organizations of all sizes take control of their document-intensive processes.

Cabinet AP lets businesses:

  • Automate data entry and document association
  • Significantly improve data accuracy
  • Create and maintain effective new process controls
  • Reduce the costs associated with manual data entry, processing, filing and retrieval

Best of all, because it’s from Cabinet, you can be sure that Cabinet AP automation software will work in concert with your organization’s practices, rules and culture – minimizing learning curves and speeding ROI. And if you ever need a hand, you’ll always have someone to call.

How Does Cabinet AP Work?

Think of a typical accounts payable workflow. A company first issues a PO to a vendor, who sends an invoice, a shipment and a packing slip. Once it’s confirmed that the packing slip matches the PO, the receiver combines relevant documents and turns it all into accounting.

Once there, the invoice (and supporting documentation) is either approved or rejected. In the former case, documents are filed, data is entered into the accounting system and payment is submitted to the vendor. If it’s the latter … well, you’re back to square one.

Cabinet AP automatically pulls data from invoices: date, total, invoice number and even line items.

If that sounds confusing, it’s because it is. With so many manual handoff points and opportunities for errors, it’s a cinch that something will go wrong at some point. But check out that same workflow with Cabinet AP:

  • Invoices automatically appear in the user’s Cabinet AP inbox
  • Relevant information (invoice number, date, total, even line items) is captured automatically
  • PDF versions of all documents are sent to the correct SAFE repository
  • Supporting documentation is associated for future reference
  • Documents are routed for approval according to pre-set business rules and workflows
  • Data is automatically sent to accounting software, like QuickBooks

Manual data entry is minimized or eliminated with Cabinet AP. And if you ever need to reference an invoice or packing slip later, you’ll be able to find it in seconds. There’s no more efficient, streamlined way to handle accounts payable processing and other document-intensive tasks.