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Cabinet Launches Cabinet Share, Secure File Sharing Portal

Cabinet, a provider of electronic document management and workflow management software, is releasing a fully integrated document management, cloud-based file sharing and workflow solution. Cabinet Share is a major component in the latest version of Cabinet's document management software, Safe 9.0, which extends secure document sharing and collaboration to non-Cabinet users.
CNG-Share increases business efficiency by making it simple to share documents securely between Cabinet Safe users and their non-Cabinet-Safe user contacts, such as customers, vendors, or other business associates. The cloud-based subscription service allows authorized Cabinet Safe users to post documents to a contact’s password protected Share account. Contacts can access and manage shared documents via a standard browser interface and also share documents with specified CNG-Safe users by uploading documents into their Share account.
Close Up: “Since implementing Cabient Safe, we have seen some remarkable change,” said Andrew Durkovich, chief operating officer at Vision Care of Maine, a Bangor, Maine-based practice that employs six doctors and 41 staff members. “Access to patient images and related documents allows for more efficient exams with the ability to have diagnostic test results in front of the patient and the doctor at the time of the exam. And, less paper and increased ease of patient intake now means happier staff.”
Cabinet Safe is tied to the practice’s EMR/EPM system, Nextgen, where it populates the patient centric data directly into the EMR. After the practice rolled out the solution by department (accounting, financial, back office, patient intake, etc.), it attached all of its different testing instruments to the product in order to view patient tests in each clinic and exam room.
The practice also utilizes Cabinet's Advanced Capture module, which allows high volume, high-speed, batch scanning to easily get documents into the CNG-Safe document repository. With Advanced Capture, the user has the ability to not only scan images of documents and send them to Cabinet Safe, but to check the image quality and make corrections, index or identify and classify the documents, and OCR.
Vital Stats: Using CNG-Share is affordably priced; only the Cabinet Share user requires a license, not the contacts receiving or uploading documents. CNG-Share is available for a monthly subscription fee of $15 per user (for 10 users or less) or $10 per user (11 users or more). A Cabinet Share server license for local installations is available for $2,995. All Cabinet-Share users must also be a licensed Cabinet-Safe user.