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Solving the Multiple Office Problem

Many of our clients across Canada come to us with specific problems they need to solve. A frequent issue is the need to share and workflow documents between two or more office locations. This can be accomplished in two different ways with our product line.

One solution is to install our product on a server in the headquarters office or at a co-location facility. Then provide a secure method (such as VPN) for the remote offices to connect to this server and use CNG-SAFE on their desktops. Alternatively, the server could have our CNG-Web product installed which would allow the remote offices access through a web browser. This creates a single repository for all of the company’s documents.

Another solution is to use our CNG-Online product. We’ve already taken care of the work required in setting up a server, co-location facility, secure communications and such. So it is quite easy to start using CNG-SAFE quickly and efficiently. This solution works very well for companies with multiple locations.