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Affordable Document Management: It's Not a Myth

Inefficiencies associated with traditional document management practices and systems plague businesses of all sizes. However, this can have a particularly adverse effect on small to midsize businesses, and owners and managers are often forced to waste their precious time sorting through business documentation that has been haphazardly organized.

Historically, the document management software market has been dominated by expensive, complicated products that require major changes in business processes and extensive IT services and support.  As a result, many smaller companies still employ archaic processes for managing their documentation, which inevitably leads to a loss of data, productivity, and most important, money.

The truth? Cloud-based document management solutions already have a track record of delivering increased efficiency, flexibility, and convenience, and often at a much lower cost than the traditional on-premise software license approach.


There are many documented advantages for an SMB to deploy a cloud-based DMS, a few of which are improved remote access to company documents, reduced costs, and increased protection against data loss or theft. Document management in the cloud enables SMBs to easily implement a DMS without investing in additional IT hardware/infrastructure and staff, and without a large up-front outlay for software licenses.

In addition, cloud-based document management solutions exist today that are both powerful and easy to use. These systems can be seamlessly integrated with existing business applications and require little training for end users to gain proficiency. Getting up to speed on a traditional DMS used to take days or months, but now it can be done in a few brief hours.