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Cabinet First to Offer Scheduling, Workflow and Document Management in One Package

Huntsville, AL. – May 9, 2011 Cabinet NG (CNG), provider of document management and workflow management software, today announced the latest version of CNG-SAFE 7.0. The new version aligns document and contact management through its breakthrough scheduling capability making it an industry first with scheduling, workflow and document management in one core package. Until release 7.0, organizations were challenged by having to manage scheduling items/tasks in a separate system without having direct access to the supporting documents. CNG-SAFE 7.0 bridges that divide by assigning schedules directly at the cabinet, folder, and document level. The result delivers a seamless process flow for completing tasks with complete visibility to time and content.

“CNG stepped up to the plate with its latest version of CNG-SAFE. Not only has it simplified my daily activities, but it’s created an element of time, where I can finish my daily tasks in a more efficient manner, leaving more time to concentrate on high priority items,” said Claudia Sardo, office manager of the leading full-service baseball representation agency in the world, SFX Baseball. “One look at the dashboard lets me view my scheduled items and I know my complete game plan. Everything is there - my schedule, documents, priorities, even my notes.”

Scheduling is an embedded component of CNG-SAFE as opposed to a standalone module or plug-in. This provides tighter integration across the entire system. Its scheduling functionality incorporates several individual features, making it a perfect fit for all organizations needing to complete tasks more successfully and on time.

Features Include:

  • Scheduling items at the individual document, folder or cabinet level within CNG-SAFE
  • Scheduled items can be assigned to the current user, multiple users, or a defined user group
  • Customized category titles allowing easy tailoring by using familiar terms to the user
  • Customized priorities give visibility to critical items
  • Notes – schedule and user notes provide instructions and a convenient way to add other comments about the item
  • Integration with CNG-SAFE workflow automatically sends the item into workflow for review/approval and processing
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows users to add appointments to their Outlook Calendar and/or send Outlook Calendar invitations to other users assigned to the item

“CNG-SAFE’s roots started in document management for small-to-midsized businesses; today, it is a complete business tool that provides a strong competitive advantage over any business still operating based on paper,” said Andrew Bailey, CNG President. “Our clients were the driving force behind taking CNG’s document management workflow solution into this breakthrough territory. By combining scheduling, workflow and document management in one core package, we have further simplified click thru processes, allowing users to meet deadlines and take more control of their day-to-day business activities.”

CNG-SAFE also includes a number of other features relating to:

  • Integrated batch and barcode auto file operations
  • Speed bar – drag and drop allows immediate access for emailing, routing, exporting, printing, and combining images
  • Configurable login failure policies
  • Data masks to standardize user input for dates, numbers, URLs and custom entries
  • Direct Windows Explorer access for easy drag and drop operations
  • Retriever and Synchronizer enhancements for improved integration with 3rd party applications
  • CNG-SuperSearch simplicity is now embedded into CNG-SAFE, allowing users to immediately locate documents or folders by simply entering a word, key phrase, or number into a single search field.